Selected Essays

"Hope™" Rising: An Arts Equity Zine. United Diverse Artists, Baltimore. March 2016.

"On Being a Problem-for and a Problem-with," Afterword to: Ford, Derek. The Secret and Struggle of Study. Lexington Press. 2016.

"Can a Poem Listen? Variations on Being-White." Boston Review. April 2015.

“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies,” in A Sense of Regard: Essays on Poetry and Race, Laura McCullough, Editor. University of Georgia, 2015.           

"Citizens of a Moment: Architecture Across the Cosmos, at Arm's Length." Pilot Light: A Journal of 21st Century Poetics and Criticism. Winter 2013.

“Freedom Loop: Mixtape for Jake, Essay-style.” Evening Will Come: A Monthly Journal of Poetics. Issue 26; Feb 2013.   

“Dichoto-Myelitis” Best American Poetry blog, 9 August 2012

“I Talk White” Best American Poetry blog, 10 August 2012

Selected Recent Talks/Panels

Part of panel, "Whose World is This?" with Brian Gilmore, Teri Cross Davis, and Ernesto Mercer. Split this Rock Poetry Festival, April 2016.

"The Appearance of Being 'Explanatorily Superior,'" talk given at Baltimore Museum of Art, as part of Seeing Color: A Conversation about Race. November 2015.

"Living in the House of Race," talk given at Goucher College as part of their "What is Race?" lecture series. October 2015.

"Poetry, Time-Travel, and the Death of White Supremacy" talk given at Thinking its Presence: Conference on Creative Writing and Race, Missoula MT, April 2015.

"Getting Over Being Under it, Getting Under Being Over It: Poetry that's Awake Inside of Race," talk given at JKS Disembodied Poetics Conference, Boulder CO, October 2014.