Dark~Sky Society (New Issues, 2014)

“Hopper’s lines halt, knot, interdigitate, and stutter, but they never flinch. She leaves that to the reader. What she doesn’t offer us are easy epiphanies, a bid for being a good caucasian, or post-race snake oil. This is difficult work for a time when ‘any touch/will bruise’. Dark~Sky Society insists we reach and be reached anyway.”          —Douglas Kearney

"Hopper attends to...her own place in this American landscape of intimate and indelible participation...and offers to say what the less courageous or less moved leave unsaid."   ----Jane Hirshfield





Bird in the Head (Center for Book Arts, 2005)

“Reading, I sense the [poet’s] father himself as another, opposite poet, nearly invisible---this is a book of yearning, and wise love.”                                 ----Jean Valentine

 "Everything about the book… says--- You need to read this."                                        ---Jake Adam York